ShoreTel SDK Tools of the Trade: Using ShoreTel Web Service SDK for Click-to-Call

    The ShoreTel SDKs are very rich and come with extensive documentation and supporting samples. ShoreTel Innovation Network members can also use our developer news group for self-help.

    That said, ShoreTel Professional services and our developer community have collectively learned some very interesting and useful things that allow us to be better ShoreTel UC and Contact Center integrators. So, we are starting this “Tools of the Trade” series to share useful ShoreTel SDK tips and tricks that might of broader interest. They might help you to solve a business problem using the ShoreTel SDKs.

    Have you discovered something others may benefit from using? We welcome your SDK tips and tricks as well!

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    Tip: Click-to-Call

    A common need for Web-based clients is the ability for an application user to dial a phone number by clicking a hyper link or button.

    The ShoreTel Web Service SDK provides a facility to initiate a call via a URL.

    Its “DialNumber” URL based method can be used to initiate a call from a ShoreTel user extension to a destination number in a single step fashion in the simplest and quickest way possible.

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