ShoreTel Seeing Success Internationally

    ShoreTel continues to expand into international markets to meet the needs of our customers. This is driven in two ways: by multi-national customers who appreciate the simplicity of the ShoreTel unified communications and domestic customers implementing access to ShoreTel in their local language.

    The ShoreTel product architecture is ideal for multi-national customers wanting global unified communications. They demand availability of product and support across the world. They want management of the solution brought to their headquarters so that even the smallest sales office can get the benefit of Unified Communications and N+1 resilience without the overhead of local administration. They want local language for their employees.

    The ShoreTel Unified Communications solution can deliver all of this through its scalable IP architecture. And when it comes to deployment, ShoreTel can hook up its global network of partners to handle onsite installation of equipment while leaving the configuration and user management to a central function where the expertise is located.

    “We have a highly mobile and very distributed workforce increasing our need for cost-effective communication capabilities. ShoreTel fulfilled a very positive role as our new telephony system.” - Max Duncan, Head of Corporate IT, Kaseya, Switzerland.

    Where does this network of local partners come from? It’s not just multi-national customers driving the expansion. In countries where Unified Communications is expected as a business tool ShoreTel has established a 2-Tier channel to sell into local markets. As international economies come out of recession and back into growth businesses there look to renew outdated equipment they’ve kept running during the downturn.

    By modernizing their communications infrastructure they gain the benefits of more efficient working that accelerate their growth. The ShoreTel solution is available in over 50 countries around the world, supporting all the major languages of business transaction across all business sizes.

    “The ShoreTel UC system is both intuitive and easy to us. We have quickly adapted to the new system and are able to make full use of all its features without the need for any specific technical knowledge.”
    Helen Hill, Head of Front of House, Higgs & Sons.

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