ShoreTel Showdown – Brooklyn Nets vs. Boston Celtics

    “The Boston Celtics are not a basketball team, they are a way of life." - Red Auerbach

    Last night was a big sports night! Two ShoreTel customers went head-to-head at TD Gardens in Boston, Mass.; it was a match-up between the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets. The Celtics are a ShoreTel premise-based customer and the Nets are a ShoreTel Sky cloud-based customer.

    Similar to our media day in San Francisco (where we watched the San Francisco Giants play a perfect game), ShoreTel CEO, Peter Blackmore, along with our cloud division president, Dan Hoffman, and CMO, Kevin Gavin, were there to host media attendees and both IT executives from the two teams. (And despite the interleague rivalry, the only kerfuffle was a scuffle on the court after a technical foul.)

    Harbor Networks, the reseller of the Boston Celtics deal also joined the evening festivities. We began with a tour of the Celtics office to learn a little bit about the ShoreTel deployment from Jay Wessel (VP of Technology, Celtics), followed by a pre-game shoot around at the Garden, then its up to the suite for dinner/drinks and a briefing by Mimi Viau Verna from the Brooklyn Nets – allowing us to expound upon how our user-centric focus for a brilliantly simple experience gives us a distinct point of difference – as illustrated by the Celtics and Nets organizations.

    So who emerged victorious? Obviously both teams – since both teams are winners for choosing ShoreTel/ShoreTel Sky. But in terms of the final scoreboard, the Nets took it 95-83.Back home, in our own little office pool (for major corporate bragging rights), Shoretelian Sarah Smith came closest to calling the outcome, predicting a 96-87 Nets win.

    Go Celtics! Go Nets! Go ShoreTel!!! (And check out our Flickr stream of photos from the game.)

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