ShoreTel Sky and NetSuite: A Blueprint For Success in a Data-driven World

    We’ve just returned from this year’s SuiteWorld 2014 – a conference that brings the full strength of the NetSuite Nation ecosystem together as we all work together to shape the next evolution of cloud computing services.

    Whether in CRM or another integrated tool, activities derived from information transmitted through the cloud are what customers and employees are most often focused on – building the fundamental structure for the desired high-value results.

    Striking a balance among critical components can be tricky and requires a focused delivery to address the Big 3.

    Business Process
    Integrating with your customers’ business processes is a game-changer and necessity to win. Each customer has business processes that address the sales, service and marketing objectives.

    Big Data
    Allows our customer to measure/manage their performance by mashing this data with CRM data. No brainer. In a data-driven world, no approach can do without.

    User Experience
    Adding value to customer satisfaction through enhancing the user experience. Your customers won’t use your product/service if it does not provide a good user experience.

    NetSuite Inc. is a leading vendor of cloud computing business management software suites. And ShoreTel Sky for NetSuite completes the picture of an integrated enterprise by seamlessly joining NetSuite and a phone for the optimal integration between information management and productivity – there by increasing value and efficiency.

    To improve evident quality in your workflow, ShoreTel Sky for NetSuite features include:

    • Click-to-Dial: Phone numbers throughout NetSuite become clickable for efficient, error-free dialing.
    • Screen-Pops: Incoming calls are automatically matched to NetSuite Contacts, Leads, and Cases.
    • Call Control: Calls can be placed on hold or transferred from within NetSuite.
    • Call Notes: Take notes directly in the NetSuite Adapter, conveniently embedded into NetSuite.
    • Wrap-up Codes: Assign user-defined wrap-up codes to inbound, outbound or campaign-related phone calls after each call handled within NetSuite.
    • Call Logs: All connected inbound and outbound calls are time-stamped and logged within NetSuite.
    • Real Time Analytics: Measure sales, support and operational success.

    To see more about what ShoreTel for NetSuite can do, check out this video.

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