ShoreTel Sky Integration

    It’s been just about five months since ShoreTel completed the acquisition of M5 Networks and recently our new family took on a new name, with the announcement of ShoreTel Sky one week ago.

    We believe the sky’s the limit and as our industry continues to evolve, we are seeing customers beginning to migrate more activities to the cloud. So, as our CEO Peter Blackmore said a while back, we decided to buy instead of build.

    A lot has happened since we completed the acquisition on March 23. A majority of the tactical “heavy lifting” related to the integration has been completed.

    • Integrated employees and worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition of payroll and benefits
    • Quickly integrated networks and near completion of the consolidation or migration of critical system
    • Completed the big task of closing the quarter as a combined public company
    • Successfully launched Mobility in the cloud within 90 days of the deal closing and have seen early momentum with deals closing
    • Defined a partner program for the traditional ShoreTel partners to provide referrals for cloud services to the ShoreTel Sky team
    • Defined and implemented a process for sharing leads.

    Our focus has now shifted to ensure we realize the revenue synergies associate with the deal and we realize them in the timeframe we committed.

    A tremendous amount of work has been accomplished over the last six months, yet we still have important milestones to achieve to realize our full potential.

    Integrations can be difficult on a company as there is a constant need to balance the running of the day-to-day business and working the integration plans. We did a fantastic job in Q4FY12 (Apr-Jun) by executing on core aspects of the integration plan while also delivering great Q4 financial results (the ShoreTel cloud division saw bookings increase over 40 percent).

    Most companies lose momentum during this period with so much change occurring but we continued to grow and move forward.  This is something that continues to provide me confidence as we steadily move through another phase of the integration.

    So as our company continues to evolve and confidently adapt to the changing market requirements, our successful execution of our plans is differentiating us in the marketplace and allowing us to continue to win.

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