ShoreTel Sky NPS Validated by Independent Third Party

    One of the many ways that ShoreTel has invested in the ShoreTel Sky phone service since the acquisition of M5 Networks in March of 2012 has been to apply the same NPS methodology that ShoreTel uses to the cloud division.  ShoreTel commissioned Harte-Hanks to perform an independent NPS survey of ShoreTel Sky phone service customers.

    The results were great - ShoreTel Sky currently has an NPS of 49 - one point below a world-class result of 50 NPS.  Underneath the scores, 58% were promoters, 33% were passives, and 9% detractors.  Amongst all customers, the primary reason for their scores were:

    1. Product quality and overall reliability (50%); and

    2. Overall ease of use and system administration (25%).


    The Product Quality and Overall Reliability point underscores that one of our core values is spot on - ShoreTel Sky takes responsibility for our customers.  We describe taking responsibility like this:


    The three most important things in our business are: reliability, reliability, and reliability. Systems and network reliability is in our fabric, as is an exceptional service level.  Beyond those typical conceptions of reliability, we strive to master the art of the promise – the molecular unit of business.  Making and keeping promises requires skill, focus, and sincerity.  Commit to a goal, plan, take action, focus, and be accountable for results. Every promise is a chance to build or drain someone’s view of how reliable and trustworthy you are.  We foster ownership mentality. We make bold commitments but avoid reckless risks.

    Building overall phone system quality and reliability is a journey and not a destination.  When we have failures or are alerted to defects in our product, everyone is disappointed.  But it provides an opportunity for us to practice the art of the promise and build a deeper level of trust with our clients.

    Second, the overall ease of use and phone system administration highlights the other major place where ShoreTel has been investing resources in ShoreTel Sky.  Our major focus right now is in unifying the myriad of customer portals we have built over the years into a single, brilliantly simple customers interface.  Beyond a brilliantly simple interface, we are embedding self-service in every part of the experience.  The first release of was a big step in the right direction.  Please keep an eye out for additional portal releases in the months to come - we are listening to customer feedback and incorporating it into our roadmap.

    Finally, our brethren over at ShoreTel are well above world class NPS of 50 - now we have someone to chase and compete with - I can’t wait to drive ShoreTel Sky NPS up into world class territory.