ShoreTel Sky Teams Up to Stop Diabetes

    The American Diabetes Association is committed to funding research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes.  It is the only non-profit organization supporting all 25.8 million Americans living with diabetes. Each year they have the “Step out Walk” in multiple cities across the country to raise awareness and funds.

    This cause is important to me because I have multiple family members and friends impacted by the disease and I am proud to have participated in the Walk for the last two years.  This year, like last, I reached out to my ShoreTel Sky team mates for support.  I feel lucky that I am a part of a company with so many generous people who are willing to donate to such an excellent cause. In back to back years, the team has been the cornerstone of my fund-raising efforts.  As a team, we earned over $1,000 in donations for our local walk to become “Champions” to stop diabetes once again.  The final totals are not counted yet, but this year, the Rochester community stepped out walk raised over $100,000 for research.

    I would like to thank the team for their generosity and words of encouragement. It only takes one person to make a difference, but there is defiantly strength in numbers!  If you would like to donate to the ADA visit -

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