ShoreTel Stands Apart at IP Expo

    IPExpo 2

    It’s easy to get lost at a show like IP Expo. You enter the hall and it can be akin to standing before row upon row of identical monoliths jutting upwards and, instead of weathered by nature, they are emblazoned with hash tags and corporate slogans.  It is very rare indeed to find something that stands out in a sea of business suits and interminably chatty sales-folk.  However, IP Expo ‘13 proved to be the exception, as ShoreTel separated itself from the crowd from beginning to end.

    It wasn’t simply due to the bright orange shirts and fetching Williams caps (although I believe they helped), ShoreTel’s stand was constantly abuzz with customers, journalists, and general visitors, brought in by the enthusiasm of our representatives and the desire of visitors to know much more about the ShoreTel Dock. Whereas other stands saw long gaps of inactivity, punctuated by brief, shining moments of interaction, ShoreTel was greeted with a swarm of activity that became commonplace at stand C20.

    Throughout both days our team was challenged to answer a huge variety of queries and give demos of the Dock; journalists seemed particularly eager to check out  the buzz. While we had anticipated a high-level of attention, this took us all by surprise, and our sizeable sales team could have done with a bench of football-like substitutes ready to relieve them of their duties, if only for a brief time. Of course, this is a fantastic problem to have, and one that in reality, did not prove to be too much of an issue. ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple tag was well-earned at the event, with the Dock so easy-to-use and straightforward that many visitors were seen to simply stroll over and grab a self-served demo before a member of our team could even initiate the conversation.

    Away from the stand, ShoreTel was equally productive.  The presentations covered both the technical wizardry accompanying ShoreTel solutions (presented by our very own Clinton Fitch) as well as real-life case studies from our customers, provided this year by Andy Robson of Cheshire Police.  Andy’s presentation was well-attended, educational, and also took many attendees by surprise – why a police force needed unified communications was seemingly unapparent, until Andy outlined the necessity of this implementation. At an event like IP Expo, where the majority of attendees have seen it all before, the ability to surprise and educate is a quality that ShoreTel has learned and is able to deliver time after time.

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