ShoreTel Suggestions Adoption has Been Fantastic

    Hard to believe it’s already been a week since the launch of ShoreTel Suggestions. So we wanted to give a shout out to everyone that has already joined the ShoreTel Suggestions portal.

    Thanks for joining!

    After the first week of operation, we now have 157 members. This includes members from all geographic regions (i.e. North America, South America, EMEA and APAC) of the ShoreTel nation. Members are actively submitting ideas, comments and votes. As of today, we have over 93 ideas submitted in the customer community along with 327 votes and 68 comments.

    This has been a phenomenal success! Please keep it up and we look forward to improving the ShoreTel product set.

    (P.S. Are you looking at the portal and seeing the numbers are different from what we mentioned above? The values are going up by the minute!)

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