ShoreTel Supercharges Business Intelligence for the World’s #1 CRM

    ShoreTel today launched an integrated solution for the world’s #1 CRM application, enabling customers to have comprehensive business intelligence with a 360 degree view of sales, marketing and customer service interactions.

    By integrating two mission-critical platforms – the communications platform and a company’s critical enterprise application – businesses now have comprehensive reporting on the effectiveness of all communications and customer interactions. ShoreTel’s single-source view provides insights enabling higher productivity and more effective collaboration of sales, support and marketing organizations for greater customer satisfaction and better business results.

    The applications – ShoreTel for Salesforce and ShoreTel Sky for Salesforce – provide powerful integration between Salesforce and the ShoreTel on-premises IP-PBX system, the ShoreTel Sky cloud-based phone system, the ShoreTel Workgroups, and ShoreTel Sky Contact Center. Now users can handle all of their business communications within a single application while having the ability to collaborate in real-time.


    “Finally, phone data is aligned with business data in the CRM system. By integrating the ShoreTel communications platform with Salesforce, one of the most valuable business applications, customers gain new insights, more effective collaboration, higher productivity and better business results,” said my colleague David Petts, senior vice president of worldwide sales at ShoreTel. “Automatic logging of all sales activity, regardless of a sales person’s location or device, together with prompts for agents to schedule follow-up actions can lead to closing deals faster and higher overall sales team productivity. For example, a road warrior using a mobile phone with ShoreTel Mobility software will still have the activity logged.”

    “We love our ShoreTel system and the integration with Salesforce was one of the key reasons we purchased the system,” said Risa Edelstein, director of marketing at Echotape. “Our customer service and sales teams are using the application integration to improve productivity and increase collaboration between our US and Canadian offices and remote agents. The ability to reach more customers each day is driving better business results.”

    In addition to improving sales team productivity, the application integrations enable first call resolution for customer service employees by providing a comprehensive history of previous customer interactions from across the company. As customers are transferred to the department that can best help them, records of their interactions go along with them, eliminating the need for redundant retelling of the issues. Similarly, the integrations allow users to measure the ROI effectiveness of marketing campaigns by tracking all customer touch points during the buyer’s journey.

    “The ShoreTel integration to our CRM system furthers our goal of creating a 360 degree view of the customer. It’s very powerful to have call data married with business data,” said Joseph P. Larizza, chief administrative officer at Fieldpoint Private. “It also enhances our employees’ ability to stay connected with the information they need when they are working remotely.”

    For a complete list of application features, please read today’s press release. And check out a couple of the press articles we've received - Network World, ZDNet and ITWorld.