ShoreTel Tours the Country to Update Partners

    ShoreTel Roadshow PresentationOver the past month, ShoreTel representatives hit the sky, traveling to Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles to meet with and connect with our partners.

    ShoreTel Roadshow PresentationThese ShoreTel roadshows have been very successful, with more than 400 ShoreTel partners who attended each event. ShoreTel partners are excited about our recently unveiled ShoreTel Connect and are hungry for information that will help them be more successful.

    ShoreTel Connect was launched last month, which was the largest, most significant launch in our history. ShoreTel Connect delivers brilliant simple business communications that are easy to use and deploy by unifying all our solutions into one platform, delivered two ways -- as a product or as a service, with three types of deployments for customers: onsitecloud and hybrid.

    But none of what we’ve accomplished with Connect would mean a thing without the support of our partners.  Our partners are the ones that sell and support ShoreTel Connect and interact with our customers. Our partners are the face of ShoreTel.

    The recent roadshows involved ShoreTel treating our partners to fun activities including a baseball game, SAS Black Ops and Top Golf. More importantly, these events allowed us to speak directly with our partners, and provide them with information about our products, market strategy and competitive positioning. Plus, these roadshows provided us with a valuable opportunity to receive feedback from our partners.

    ShoreTel Roadshow Baseball GameI was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to speak at these roadshows, and it was a great experience to meet face-to-face with the people that work tirelessly to sell our solutions. We were greeted by enthusiastic crowds in each city we visited and received invaluable feedback from our partners.

     I gave presentations that revealed the value that Connect offers as a single platform for cloud, premises or hybrid deployments. I also provided visual examples of the completely reinvented ShoreTel Connect user experience. Finally, I discussed the value that ShoreTel offers as a company that’s focused on providing simple and flexible solutions to small and medium businesses.

    To learn more about our upcoming roadshows, including events in Phoenix, Seattle, New York City and Tampa, visit our On the Road page

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