ShoreTel UC Connects CHERVON to the World

    Helping Chinese companies to cut the cost of doing business in international markets

    The Canadian communications philosopher Marshall McLuhan was spot on when he coined the term Global Village and predicted the virtual elimination of geography.

    Yet a result of this Global Village is the challenge of communications for businesses operating in multiple locations, countries and continents, who need to keep in touch with staff, partners and customers.

    The Chinese power tool manufacturer and retailer CHERVON, who was faced with this challenge, found a solution with a ShoreTel Unified Communications (UC) solution.

    With its “Born in China, Growing Globally” philosophy, the company is part of a new breed of dynamic China-headquartered firms build their own global brands. CHERVON has more than 5,000 employees around the world, and its products are now sold by more than 30,000 retail stores in 65 countries – including Home Depot in Canada and the U.S.

    In addition to its headquarters in Nanjing, CHERVON has regional sales, marketing, industrial design and service centres in Europe and North America. What’s more CHERVON is currently expanding its manufacturing facilities in China to meet significant domestic and global growth.

    In order to effectively manage this extensive global footprint, CHERVON’s North American operations implemented a ShoreTel UC solution across its eight offices in the United States and Canada, in 2013.

    The results were predictably positive. Since the ShoreTel solution went live, CHERVON reduced its telephony costs significantly and improved the performance and flexibility of its communications.

    Strategic advantages

    When the time came to implement a new telephony system for its brand new Chinese headquarters and manufacturing facility – a completely green field site –  CHERVON wanted to use unified communications as strategic tool and and take full advantage of enhanced collaboration between China and North America – currently the company’s biggest market.

    The first step in CHERVON’s three-phase program was to deploy a fully redundant and virtualized ShoreTel Unified Communications and ShoreTel Mobility solution with 400 extensions at the new factory in Nanjing. A dedicated MPLS connection was established between Nanjing and North America, ensuring quality of service and low latency, both important for successfully transporting voice traffic over the network.

    As well as saving money and reducing administration, the new UC system provides a better communications experience and enhanced productivity for travelling staff. It’s also extremely flexible, and easily capable of scaling to meet business growth.

    Going global

    In addition to the benefits of VoIP, CHERVON deployed 40 ShoreTel Mobility licenses, primarily to travelling staff and executives, extending VoIP functionality to their smartphones and tablets wherever they are located.

    With the expansion of its international business, CHERVON staff are travelling more frequently and ShoreTel Mobility ensures that they are still able to take advantage of UC to communicate efficiently and cost-effectively.

    As CHERVON’s IT Infrastructure Manager explained to me, the effect of ShoreTel Mobility has been “revolutionary.” He said that staff can now give up their physical IP phones and take their extensions everywhere.

    And, with unified communications and mobility helping CHERVON to achieve its international growth objectives, there is every reason to expect other ambitious Chinese firms to do the same. After all, cutting the costs of living in Mr. McLuhan’s Global Village is good for business!

    To learn more, read the CHERVON case study

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