ShoreTel UC Deployments – Boldly Going Where No IP Telephony System Has Gone Before

    Whether it’s an expedition to mine vital supplies from the center of the Earth or a journey to harvest the ocean’s resources at the ends of the Earth, organizations working in harsh and extreme environments need reliable, cost-effective communications.

    Increasingly, these organizations are discovering that ShoreTel’s distributed architecture with plug-and-play functionality and centralized management capabilities helps maintain business continuity with high quality communications in rugged and often potentially treacherous situations.

    For instance, the Glacier Fish Company has made a major breakthrough in effective and affordable ship-to-shore communications with ShoreTel.

    ShoreTel also is helping the Grande Cache Coal Corporation avoid losses in excess of $1 million per day due to communication downtime between their mines, satellite offices, and Calgary headquarters.

    In addition, what used to be $700 per call out due to the remote nature of the site, is now pennies to the dollar with ShoreTel’s reliable and stable systems – remote management has never been easier and more cost effective.

    In short, Thayer Ramahi, senior infrastructure engineer for Grande Cache Coal Corporation, states: “By eliminating mining stoppages and maintenance fees, ShoreTel is directly improving our bottom line.”

    Our CEO John Combs concisely attributes our success in these harsh environments: “Companies are discovering that the technologies that deliver these capabilities, including a fully distributed architecture and dynamic voice traffic compression for optimizing quality over low bandwidth, make ShoreTel the ideal solution for environments that traditional telephony has never served well.”

    Read more about ShoreTel’s remarkable UC deployments – Glacier Fish Company, Grande Cache Coal Corporation of Alberta, Canada and InfoBunker LLC or contact us directly to learn how ShoreTel can turn ordinary communications into an extraordinarily engaging experience!


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