ShoreTel UC: A Reliable Foundation for Construction Customers


    ShoreTel is proud to provide solutions that enable construction firms to improve site-to-site employee communication, increase productivity and reduce costs.

    The McGraw-Hill 2013 Construction Forecast predicts that total U.S. construction starts for 2013 will rise 6 percent to $483.7 billion, and the US Commerce Department recently reported that spending on residential housing rose in May to the highest level in 4½ years. With this in mind, ShoreTel is ensuring that customers in the construction industry have the right unified communications (UC) tools to meet demand.

    “Prior to implementing ShoreTel, we had 15 locations with 15 different phone systems. None of these systems worked together and calling another location was expensive because of long distance charges,” said Bruce L. Fyfe, Jr., IT director at Lakeside Industries. “ShoreTel allowed us to converge all of our offices on one unified platform that utilized our existing WAN, resulting in significant cost savings. We saw a ROI on our initial hardware/deployment costs in less than two years. And the use of ShoreTel Communicator has dramatically improved employee communications.”

    Read the press release to learn what other firms are saying about the benefits ShoreTel is providing.

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