ShoreTel Web Services SDK: A Leap Forward in Integrating Communications Into Business Processes

    On the heels of announcing ShoreTel 9 yesterday, today we announced our new ShoreTel Web Services SDK, making it easier than ever for developers and companies to integrate our industry-leading UC capabilities into their business processes to foster increased collaboration, productivity and customer service levels. Read the full release here.

    Why is this an important leap forward? Because with its distributed architecture, high availability, low TCO and UC features, ShoreTel 9 is the ideal open platform for building custom CEBP solutions, and the SDK allows companies, VARs and system integrators to use the programming language and platform of choice.

    Whether it’s integrating phone calls and voicemail into a CRM application, bringing IM into the help desk workflow, adding automated phone calls (complete with ring-down capabilities) to customer service escalation, or hundreds of other applications, our Web Services SDK makes it a straightforward, hassle-free programming effort.


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