ShoreTel Wins Big at TribalNet Conference in Minneapolis

    tribalnetlogotrans14_goldHave you ever wondered where the largest casinos in the U.S. are located?  Las Vegas? No. Perhaps Atlantic City?  No again.  Surprisingly, they are both in Connecticut. Foxwoods, in Ledyard, Conn., is the largest at 314,492 square feet, which is more than double the size of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas where ShoreTel recently exhibited at Interop 2013 and launched the ShoreTel Dock.  Foxwoods is owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Native American Indian Tribe.  And the second largest casino is the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn., owned by the Mohegan Tribe.  These two tribes and many more are in attendance at TribalNet – the largest convention in the world focused on technology used by IT professionals in the Native American Indian community.  The convention, in Minneapolis, Minn., focuses on a range of related businesses and services, from casinos, hotels, reservations, and local government agencies to numerous other organizations.

    It is always fun to go to a casino, check into a beautiful hotel room, go gambling, go to dinner and attend a show.   Behind the scenes - there is more technology that you may not see that makes it all come together.  ShoreTel is a leading provider to many of the midsize casinos in attendance at TribalNet.

    A casino is essentially a hotel with a massive property, for which the CRM system is at the heart of the profitability model.  Landing return business is the key, and the secret is ensuring the most lucrative customers come back.  In order to deliver personalized service, casinos spare no expense investing in technologies that focus on providing world class service.

    ShoreTel Mobility is used to ensure that personnel use the same WiFi network used by mobile personnel who carry tablets with information to help guests to stay connected with their smart phones in areas where there may not be sufficient cell phone coverage. That’s not too unusual with buildings that cover as much land as five football stadiums.   Staying connected means managers can contact personnel to ensure service levels are met.

    From the time a guest plans a trip, to the time they leave, ShoreTel helps the casino operator.   When a guest makes a reservation, the CRM database automatically pops up their record, and can inform the operator the guest has premium status and offer them that same king-size bed they requested.   How about upselling by offering some show tickets at a discount?   When a guest checks in, ShoreTel’s integration with property management systems provides automatic identification of the guest when they call for room service, enabling personalized answering.  That special treatment is just one more reason to come back and stay at the hotel, rather than a competitor.  By investing in a ShoreTel solution that is easy to manage, the IT staff can focus on strategic projects for targeting guests with offers.

    I had the opportunity to meet with several IT professionals who made the move to ShoreTel years ago, and that is the most common feedback.  The overall simplicity of the ShoreTel system enables that personalized experience, without experiencing the complexity of other systems.  That allows their IT staff to focus on the customer experience, and not be slave to the phone system.

    So the next time you check into a hotel or a casino, and see a ShoreTel phone on the desk, you’ll know they are investing every way they can to give you the best experience they can.   It may be only 25 degrees outside in Minneapolis, but it was pretty hot inside hearing about how excited the ShoreTel customers were, and why they want to tell more of their peers all about it.  It’s one of the only sure bets you’ll find in a casino – that’s for sure.