ShoreTel's Commitment to the Environment

    ShoreTel is committed to being a socially responsible and environmentally friendly corporate citizen.

    First, as a leading provider of unified communications solutions, we design our products to be environmentally friendly, and we are proud that ShoreTel solutions use significantly less power, require less cooling, have a longer useful life, and take up less space than competitive solutions. This results in substantially lower carbon emissions versus comparable solutions from major competitive manufacturers. Analysis of specific deployments at which a ShoreTel solution replaced a competitor shows empirically that ShoreTel uses up to 40 percent less power than other leading brands. We encourage all of our prospective customers to include power consumption as a key driver in their selection process. We are happy to provide a summary of the estimated power consumption for any ShoreTel system.

    ShoreTel's unique architecture also allows for easy single-system administration of geographically dispersed sites. This saves trips to do on-site maintenance and administration such as moves/adds/changes, thereby saving time and fuel.

    In addition, telecommunications by its very nature allows people to communicate across distance. This is taking on a new meaning today – using ShoreTel unified communications solutions including voice, video, IM, and data sharing, our customers are able to conduct business effectively without meeting face to face, reducing the need to travel, which minimizes carbon emissions from fossil fuel-powered transportation.

    Second, as a company we strive to be conscious of our environmental impact and diligent in our efforts to reduce any harmful effects. From our internal business practices to our manufacturing operations, we take responsibility for minimizing power consumption, reducing carbon emissions, and preventing hazardous waste contamination. In particular, our manufacturing process is certified as compliant with the ISO 14001 standard and conforms to the ROHS Directive, which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, including lead. Our manufacturing process is also certified as compliant with WEEE (the EU's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) which sets targets for the collection, recycling and recovery of all types of electronic equipment.

    Please join us as we work with other forward-thinking companies and organizations to do our part as good corporate citizens to achieve a healthier and more sustainable environment.

    John W. Combs



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