ShoreTel's Fan of the Month Enjoys ShoreTel Connect CLOUD

    We’re pleased to introduce and congratulate our ShoreTel Fan-of-the-Month for January 2016, Kimberly Warrick, Director of Client Services at New Jersey Shares. Warrick was instrumental in pushing for the migration from ShoreTel Sky to ShoreTel Connect CLOUD soon after it was released.

    You were perfectly happy with ShoreTel Sky. What made you decide to switch over to the new ShoreTel Connect CLOUD service?

    Originally, when we were looking for a new phone system to replace our aging Nortel PBX, we chose a different hosted phone provider. Unfortunately, that vendor could not support the high volume of calls coming into our call center. Even though that solution didn’t work out, we were still committed to a hosted and managed service. We went with ShoreTel Sky in January 2010 because it was the only solution that met our requirements. When ShoreTel Connect CLOUD solution became available in September, we were impressed with its productivity and collaboration features, so we decided to it was a good time to switch.

    What has impressed you most about ShoreTel?

    Every other company we talked with wanted us to conform to the way their phone system was set up. ShoreTel was willing to design something around our needs, which was very important. ShoreTel also was able to save us money by eliminating all of the expenses we were incurring using a landline provider.

    ShoreTel’s implementation capabilities were another factor. ShoreTel’s support team came on-site to oversee deployment. It was crucial that the operation be completed with minimal downtime. Often, we’re the difference between somebody having heat and not having heat, so the way our hotline works, we really couldn’t have any downtime. The team was very flexible and spent several overnights here to get the system up and running. They were absolutely fabulous.

    What features in ShoreTel Connect CLOUD are you most excited about?

    The ShoreTel Connect CLOUD reporting functionality is one of our most valued features. Our team can request specific information and customize the reports to meet our partner’s requests. This granular level of reporting takes a lot of pressure off our staff and allows them to focus on initiatives that are more important to the company.

    Instant Messaging (IM) is also popular throughout the office, as is the ability for our staff members to operate remotely. We have a whole team of people that work out in the community. They’re not sitting at their desks, so for them to quickly forward a call to their cell phone or to easily make changes is a huge benefit.

    What would you say to another nonprofit if asked you about the new ShoreTel Connect CLOUD?

    ShoreTel will work around your needs. There are other phone companies who want to sell you a kit type solution—‘Here’s our product and, no, we can’t conform to what your needs are.’ ShoreTel accommodates each individual customer. NJ Shares is definitely a ShoreTel Connect CLOUD fan and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both ShoreTel and the ShoreTel Connect CLOUD service.