Siena Heights University Selects ShoreTel to Modernize Campus Communications

    Originating as a women’s college in 1919, Siena Heights University is now a thriving Catholic co-ed institution with 14 buildings and 400 students spread across 55 acres. As with any institution of higher learning—or higher calling—the practicality of daily operations takes focus when things become too complex or cumbersome to run smoothly. When PBX systems and copper wiring became so outdated that the maintenance costs went up and the quality of communications went down, the college took notice. Siena Heights University decided to deploy a flexible VoIP strategy to improve communications and integrate school applications. By moving away from its legacy PBX platform, the university would be able to eliminate rising support costs as well as the majority of its copper wiring. They also wanted to ensure that vendors could fully interoperate with network switching technology that offered resilient Power over Ethernet (PoE) for powering their IP telephones, thin clients and higher port counts.

    Siena Heights University implemented the ShoreTel Unified Communications system, including ShoreTel Voice Switches, models 90, T1, 24A and 50V; approximately 350 ShoreTel IP Phones, models 230g and 565g, plus analog phones and other analog devices. Since implementing its ShoreTel solution, the University has eliminated 490 pairs of copper wiring The ShoreTel distributed architecture and ShoreTel Voice Switches provide greater simplicity and flexibility while reducing costs and enhancing reliability. Benefits include:

    • New capabilities and integration with custom and specialty applications so the university can manage unique programs, such as call charge-backs and temporary call centers for fundraising activities.
    • Improved ease of management and use, while reducing costs and enhancing reliability.

    “ShoreTel works better than advertised. The system easily adapts to our unique communications requirements. We can build off new features. Moving to VoIP was painless.” - Bob Metz, Director of Computer Services and Systems, Siena Heights University.