Simplicity Is Confusing When You Are Accustomed To Complexity

    Customers aren’t interested in complicated deployments. And partners aren’t keen on depending on competition for LAN management.

    Russell Zielezinski of ATI, who has used Phybridge switches to help several customers migrate to IP Telephony and a converged platform, notes the simplicity of using the Phybridge switches to optimize the LAN for a quick and easy migration to IP Telephony is "confusing when we are used to dealing with network and management complexities."

    As ShoreTel wholeheartedly believes, simplicity has significant positive ramifications for both customers and partners: lower cost, less risk, a quality experience and a easier local area network topology to manage. This means customers can allocate more of their available budget on Unified Communications applications that drive a better return on investment for the customer and a better relationship with the partner. 

    With the Phybridge and ShoreTel solution in place, Highland Community College is now able to focus their attention on the College's top priority: "shaping the future of (its) communities by providing quality education and learning opportunities through programs and services that encourage the personal and professional growth of the people of northwestern Illinois."

    Many campus-like environments have the existing voice infrastructure connected between buildings. The extended reach capabilities of the Phybridge switches mean that customers can consolidate all the PoE requirements in a single location supporting all the new IP phones in all locations on campus. This greatly reduces the cost and complexity of the network.

    ShoreTel’s all-in-one UC solution was built from the ground up for IP, and IP alone, making it fundamentally different and better suited to the realities of business than others on the market. Its ingenuity is unmatched with a simplicity and power that work together to remove the high cost and complexity typical of IP-enabled legacy, or bolted-together systems. Organizations of all sizes can get the most out of first-rate integrated voice, video, data and a powerful, open mobility solution that removes barriers on all fronts.

    The Phybridge UniPhyer is the only networking switch in the world to provide Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) over a single pair with 1,200 ft reach.  Businesses can migrate to IP telephony using their existing voice infrastructure to confidently deploy IP phones and any other IEEE Ethernet device eliminating business or network disruptions.  Partners can create a repeatable, predictable, scalable deployment process eliminating LAN readiness barriers and ensure a high value customer experience, quicker sales and deployment cycles and a strong differentiator with good business margin.

    With ShoreTel and Phybridge, enterprises:

    • Save money, eliminate barriers and risks with a low cost, quick, easy, non-disruptive deployment experience.
    • Optimize converged network that extends the existing data network physically, separating voice traffic.
    • Experience voice continuity and quality of service regardless of data network health.
    • Reduce management complexity and costs.
    • Protect customer experience and partner margins with a repeatable, predictable, scalable experience.

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