Simplicity Reigns For UC

    If modern technology is designed to be anything, it's to be simple. Mobile assets have to be easy to operate in order to succeed - especially in the workplace. According to No Jitter contributor Dave Michels, complexity was somewhat of a selling point for a number of years when it came to enterprise communications. The consumerization of IT, however, changed all of that.

    "The three most powerful attributes of an enterprise communications system were: features, features, features," Michels wrote. "Somewhere we hit the complexity threshold. Customers are demanding simplicity."

    Businesses need to have simple solutions in place that will help their staffers to achieve their goals in innovative new ways. This means investing in unified communications that are close to effortless to operate.

    Mobility Increasingly Required

    Implementing UC is not just about improving collaboration in the physical workplace - it's also about expanding the office itself. Mobile, cloud UC is becoming a requirement for countless enterprises. According to No Jitter contributor Michael Finneran, mobile collaboration is becoming incredibly popular amongst professionals. This is primarily because of the balance between work and home life that these assets can provide.

    Organizations must have simple unified collaboration tools at their disposal in order to compete in the modern day. Employee technology must be agile in nature, and legacy systems on their own are no longer able to meet this need.