Simplified UC&C solutions with HP and ShoreTel

    Brilliantly Simple Collaboration
    Delivering collaboration capabilities in a uniform, easy-to-use form factor notably equates with increased productivity and reduction in spend. The resulting benefits in architecting a solid-state UC&C system, such as that created via the joint HP/ShoreTel UC&C solution, are compelling and achievable, provided the appropriate network infrastructure is in place. It must provide high quality of service (QoS) and provide the means to deliver applications that require low-jitter/low-latency performance.

    Figure 1. Comprehensive UC&C Solution

    figure 01

    Flexible, budget-friendly UC&C Solutions
    HP/ShoreTel reduces costs and eliminates complexities over other UC&C vendor alternatives-delivering the lowest overall TCO (initial up-front-costs, deployment, management, support, and upgrades, and ongoing network costs). HP and ShoreTel allow you to manage your entire network-data and voice, wired and wireless, core to edge.

    With HP/ShoreTel, you have a proven end-to-end solution that you can immediately deploy-boosting productivity, increasing flexibility for employees, and providing faster response/delivery-that offers and unbeatable choice for lowering capital and operational expenses, while dramatically improving how communications are managed and delivered across your business.

    Figure 2. Competitive Comparison

    figure 02

    UC&C on the go

    For your on-the-go workforce, ShoreTel Mobility allows any mobile device to leverage the WLAN (70% of the time we are near a Wi-Fi connection_, so international travelers do no have to incur the exorbitant roaming fees and local worker don’t have to worry about exhausting their cellular plan minutes. HP Networking solutions have been certified for interoperability with the ShoreTel VoIP and mobility systems to enable the QoS performance required to deliver reliable voice quality across both LAN and WLAN.


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    Top 10 Reasons HP Networking Is The Brilliantly Simple Solution With ShoreTel

    ShoreTel and HP Networking: Success matters. So does how you get there.

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