SIP Phone Service A Valuable Investment

    There are many companies out there that erroneously believe they cannot invest in VoIP. Because legacy systems were designed to outlast the present day, plenty of them are still in use. This means that organizations cannot afford to migrate off of them anytime soon. But hosted solutions are not the only way to unlock the full potential of VoIP. SIP phone service can be of significant assistance in these situations.

    One of the things SIP trunking allows for is for landline networks to be moved to data connections. This permits current infrastructures to continue being leveraged without missing out on modern advantages.

    "SIP trunking is a virtual connection to the PSTN," wrote TechTarget contributor Chris Partsenidis. "This virtual connection runs on top of a data connection (like the Internet) that typically already exists in an organization. This makes SIP trunking easier to install."

    For those organizations that are unable to move to hosted VoIP solutions, there is a friend in SIP phone service. According to FierceTelecom contributor Sean Buckley, "all segments of the business market" are starting to implement SIP trunking in order to evolve their telecom networks, and it is likely that many more will continue to drive up the market value of this technology.

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