Six Ways the Apple Watch Enhances Work

    Businesses are starting to take advantage of the benefits offered by mobile technology, and the use of mobile apps and software has highlighted the need for a Unified Communications (UC) strategy that incorporates these devices to make work easier and more productive for employees and employers alike. Using mobile technology in conjunction with UC solutions in the workplace is becoming more common with the rise in popularity of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. 

    Enter the Apple Watch. The new product from the tech giant officially launched April 24, and it is already making headlines for being the latest in a long line of tech to offer productivity and mobility advantages to consumers. The Apple Watch is becoming an important player in the mobile workplace, and companies should consider taking advantage of the benefits it has to offer. Here are six reasons in particular to consider the technology:

    1) Support for BYOD policies

    Devices like the Apple Watch have become more popular to bring to work in recent years. When employees can bring their own mobile technologies into the workspace, it can help companies save money and streamline communications.

    What employees actually put on the devices matters, too. There are countless apps that help businesses boost productivity and reporting, and companies need to make sure they are utilizing everything necessary for a more efficient workspace. It's important for businesses to be able to provide the necessary support for these mobile apps as well, Getronics CIO Tim Patrick Smith told Computer Business Review.

    2) Connect to UC systems more easily

    Employees who work remotely or who have a long commute can maximize their time out of the office using mobile apps like the recently released ShoreTel Mobility app for the Apple Watch. With a simple tap on your wrist, you can access your company's UC functions.

    3) Increased productivity

    Mobile devices make it easier for employees to get work done from wherever they are. This leads to better use of their time and, in the long run, helps companies stay on top of their goals. In a survey by Mobile Helix of CIOs and IT managers, respondents estimated that mobile enterprise apps would increase their organizations' productivity by 36 percent.

    4) Conference calling

    Mobile communications and unified messaging solutions are especially useful during extenuating circumstances. If an employee is stuck in traffic and late for a meeting, he or she would be able to easily access the UC conference call or collaboration session.

    5) Interoperability between devices

    Fully integrating the Apple Watch into your company's UC solution means getting the full range of updates across all platforms. Mobile solutions like the ShoreTel Mobility app are making office connectivity simpler and easier. CIO contributor Joanie Wexler noted smooth business application integration "requires a converged mobility platform that binds together mobile devices, applications, data and networks."

    6) Helpful notifications

    The Apple Watch will also work in conjunction with the ShoreTel Mobility app to notify employees about missed calls, new messages or upcoming meetings, making it a useful addition to the technology strategy of any business.

    These advantages offered by the Apple Watch illustrate the importance of integrating mobile devices with UC solutions. When companies stay connected, productivity increases and operations run more smoothly.

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