Over the course of the past two weeks I have been in and around the United Kingdom working with the ShoreTel team. For those of you who aren’t aware, ShoreTel has an office based just outside of London (where I spent most of my time the past few weeks) and we have staff throughout EMEA in Germany, France, Spain, Italy to name a few.

The meetings have been have been great – both with the ShoreTel team as well as our partners and distributors within the region. One thing however that has made my life much easier while I have been here is ShoreTel Mobility.

Now why, you ask, is the “Contact Center guy” writing about mobility?

A little background for you to consider as you ponder that question: I travel. A lot.

As of the time of this writing I have already logged over 53,000 air miles in travel in 2012. That’s right folks, that’s a lot of time looking out oval windows. To be fair, that mileage count does include one trip to the U.K. earlier this year and the current trip that I am on over here. With a few more international trips scheduled this year, I don’t see the travel slowing down any time soon.

It is that international travel that really makes ShoreTel Mobility shine for me. Prior to the availability of ShoreTel Mobility, I was spending upwards of $1,500 on mobile phone charges for calls back to the U.S. during trips lasting 2-3 weeks. That is on top of any additional data charges (fortunately I’m on an international data plan but that is still expensive) and of course my base monthly charges.

On my last trip to our Sydney, Australia, office I really focused on leveraging ShoreTel Mobility everywhere I could. I used WiFi wherever possible, even if included paying for it, as it was far less than toll charges back to the U.S.

The result?

My last trip I only spent an additional $300 in mobile phone charges. Now that is still a good bit of additional funds but it also represents a massive 80% drop in costs. Not bad, I would suggest.

While cost savings is a strong positive for ShoreTel Mobility, there is also the ease-of-use. Like many of you, here at ShoreTel we do 4-digit extension dialing internally. When I have my ShoreTel Mobility client enabled on my iPhone, I can do these 4-digit dials regardless if I’m on wireless or on the data network of the mobile provider. It makes keeping in contact with my team in the States – or anywhere in the world – far easier than trying to remember country codes or region codes.

We have had a lot of success with ShoreTel Mobility and if you like what we have now, just wait!

The roadmap is nothing short of impressive (that, ladies & gentlemen, is a teaser) with improved functionality and features. For now, the business benefits are there for organizations, particularly for those who have regularly traveling staff. It can save costs but that’s really only half the story. ShoreTel Mobility can also help gain productivity efficiencies.

I, for one, am addicted.

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