Small business phone systems use the cloud

    Cloud computing is becoming a popular way for enterprises to offer remote capabilities and enhance cost-effective strategies in services such as email, archiving, business intelligence and even phone systems. Many IP phones and PBX systems that connect using cloud technology offer reliable calling, affordable services and built-in IT help desks.

    Cloud computing prices streamline
    Traditional phone systems connect using land lines, which are reliable but require extensive infrastructure. Because of this infrastructure, long-distance calls are particularly expensive, which is a problem for businesses that connect with employees, clients, partners and others overseas or across the country.

    In fact, price is one of the primary reasons many businesses are switching to cloud-based VoIP services. According to UC Strategies, cloud computing vendors are beginning to streamline their options, resulting in similar prices across the board. Not only are these vendors offering affordable options to small businesses, but they're also creating new cloud plans with heightened flexibility and customization, reported the news source.

    Myths surrounding cloud technology
    Some executives are nervous about turning to cloud options because of a number of misconceptions circulating the technology. According to CloudTweaks, these myths are preventing companies from gaining the many benefits inherent in cloud-based services.

    One of the biggest myths is that cloud computing technology will make a company vulnerable to security breaches. While different security measures need to be taken in cloud services than legacy infrastructures, safe options are available. Cloud security has come a long way since its inception and now offers quality options.

    Companies are also concerned that cloud-based services will mean surrendering control as well as reliable performance. The news source reported that the latest servers built in data centers are reliable, fast and often better quality than legacy servers.

    Phone systems for small businesses
    Some business executives are concerned that deploying a new phone system will require a large implementation fee and a loss of advanced features. In reality, cloud-based phone systems are easy to install because they require an internet connection rather than traditional phone lines. Phone vendors offer solutions at affordable prices and often include implementation as part of the overall service. Many companies also offer IT support in case users run into any problems.

    IP phones offer many advanced features such as voice mail, away messages, call forward and conference capabilities. They can also easily be integrated into a greater UC system.

    These phone systems can be used by sales professionals, marketing teams and customer service representatives in offices, call centers and other workplace facilities around the world. In order to choose a phone system that works for a business, decision-makers should consider what their users need as well as what they desire. It's essential that a small business phone system meets the demands of those who are using it.

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