Small businesses can reach new markets thanks to call centers

    Small businesses in the past have been relegated to serving local markets, but the rapid growth of new technologies has allowed these companies to expand their reach across multiple continents. With this level of operating power, organizations must be on point at all times and offer their consumers a call center that is always available, according to a recent announcement by a communication services vendor.

    The vendor said many businesses are realizing that supplies and services are less expensive overseas.


    "Overseas sources can now be directly contacted by telephone," the firm explained. "Even so, what many of today's owners and managers are quickly discovering when they make or receive these calls is that a country on another continent is quite often in a completely opposite time zone."


    Several industry trends are significantly impacting the modern call center. A recent report by Heavy Reading IP Services Insider suggested that that the proliferation of tablets, smartphones and social networking are changing how call centers interact with customers and streamline their operations through an integrated platform.



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