Small businesses need to focus on technology and customer satisfaction

    In order to compete with larger corporations, small and medium sized businesses have to find alternative solutions, as corporate ones are usually inaccessible to them, according to ITWeb. Adopting the latest technology trends and services like VoIP PBX systems and unified communications can allow these companies to not only keep up with the bigger businesses, but also offer the most advanced solutions to customers.

    Many businesses are adopting social media, using in-house content management systems and improved customer relationship management tools in order to increase sales and, ultimately, revenue. Because of this it is important for these smaller organizations to choose the best technology solution for their needs.


    According to the news source, this can be as simple as understanding what the most important processes for the business are and improving on those specifically, or adopting and adapting apps, such as cloud-based systems, for business needs. For many smaller companies the best focus for enterprise processes is the needs of its customers.


    The primary way to improve a business and compete on a larger scale with big companies is to improve customer satisfaction. This will lead to more sales from consumer recommendations. A high quality CRM solution and communications tool, such as a managed VoIP system can provide these improvements.


    "Every day, they need their customer requirements at their fingertips," Stefan Diedricks of Oracle SA told the news source. "They want systems to reliably record, analyze and predict customer behavior. We're starting to see the adoption of CRM software-as-a-service."


    A recent survey by Express Employment Professionals found that organization of customer-related resources - like CRM - is key to overall success, as long as those solutions are properly understood and implemented. Approximately 18,000 business leaders were polled, and over 50 percent stated that lack of organization has on occasion cost their company approximately 9 hours a week in productivity and revenue.


    A powerful CRM solution can not only help a business understand its customers better, but also increase consumer happiness with the company by increasing its ability to serve the individual client. By doing this, these companies will be able to level the playing field with larger corporations and potentially allow the business to grow more itself.