Small businesses should consider VoIP phone systems

    Industry experts have encouraged small businesses to adopt a VoIP phone system to upgrade their communications without breaking the bank. Daniel Wang, owner of a VoIP service provider, recently explained why the technology is so ideal for these companies, especially those located in the Chicago area.

    Wang indicated that many small businesses are hesitant to adopt a VoIP phone solution because it means they have to migrate from their older system.

    "It's natural, given how important it is, that smaller enterprises would be wary when it comes to changing their phone system," Wang said. "Plus issues like dependability, service level, and feature availability have made small business managers in Chicago take a wait and see approach."

    Small businesses, especially those operating in Chicago, should not only consider adopting VoIP because of the cost savings, but also because the technology can have a positive impact on productivity. Wang noted that VoIP has made significant strides in recent years, including improved technical resources and overall maturity.

    Cloud computing is another IT trend that is positively impacting VoIP solutions. According to Wang, companies that have remote offices in multiple locations stand to benefit from VoIP services because all parties are now connected through one platform.

    VoIP benefits intensify in the cloud

    Cloud computing is currently one of the most advantageous solutions available, and these benefits can translate to VoIP solutions. Nino Vidovic, John Waclawsky and George Vanecek, contributors for the Guardian, recently explained that cloud VoIP is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses because SMBs can scale such operations more effectively than traditional phone systems.

    "SMBs avoid any network management or maintenance burdens because the switching and intelligence of the system is moved offsite and managed by the provider," the writers noted. "SMB purchases are limited to phones, a modest amount of dedicated routing equipment and perhaps a switch to provide emergency backup to a traditional telephone network."

    Although cloud VoIP helps SMBs improve in many areas, there are still issues that remain. The writers indicated that some SMBs simply do not know the complexities associated with deployments and where to begin if they want to migrate from older systems.

    But these potential roadblocks are considered minimal because cloud VoIP is the perfect solution for SMBs looking for ways to improve operational efficiency and increase profits, the Guardian writers added.

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