Celebrating music for more than 50 years, The Recording Academy recognizes achievements in the recording arts and sciences with the world-famous GRAMMY Awards.

Next year's 54th annual Grammy Awards performance is already in production. So this week, our ShoreTel technicians were back at the Academy to install new IP655 phones for CIO Rick Engdahl in advance of the upcoming awards season.

When The Recording Academy initially planned their move to a new building they realized it would be an ideal opportunity to upgrade to a feature-rich, flexible and cost-effective IP communication system. They also wanted a solution that would integrate with LifeSize, a high-definition video conferencing solution that The Recording Academy uses to meet its very specific business needs. Other must-haves included an overall low total cost of ownership (TCO), and a resilient architecture that would ensure system reliability.

In addition to delivering increased functionality for users with nearly every call, ShoreTel also streamlines ticket order processing. Instead of relying on faxed ticket orders printed out at the Staples Center, ticket orders are routed from the fax server to the ShoreTel system. This eliminates tedious paperwork while offering The Recording Academy staff immediate visibility into incoming orders. Other benefits include:

  • Superior sound quality meets The Recording Academy’s high standards for audio and video conferencing environments.
  • ShoreTel’s high reliability and system mobility supports The Recording Academy’s off-site GRAMMY Awards and other event needs.


The ShoreTel UC system reinforces the strategic role played by The Recording Academy’s IT department in deploying technology that supports and advances its mission. It’s not just ShoreTel’s technology that meshes with Mr. Engdahl’s objectives.

“ShoreTel is customer-focused. They actively include customers in their product and feature planning, and release cycles are much shorter. One feature we needed was included in a release a month after we installed our system.”
- Rick Engdahl, Vice President of IT, The Recording Academy.



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