Small businesses should embrace conferencing technology, report says

    Current economic conditions are creating an environment in which small businesses need to find ways to improve their operational capabilities while reducing costs. According to a recent Gaebler report, unified communications systems that feature conferencing technologies are proving key to enabling such practices.

    The report said web, video and teleconferencing technologies are emerging as key small business needs. In response, more organizations are expected to invest in such systems moving into 2012.

    According to the news source, conferencing technologies pay major dividends for small businesses because they give them access to streamlined collaboration tools that can increase productivity through enhanced collaboration architectures.

    Conferencing is also able to limit travel costs by allowing virtual meetings to replace many personal meetings. In response, organizations can dramatically reduce the costs of sending employees around the world to meet with clients and partners, the report explained.

    Cloud-based unified communications can be especially ideal for small businesses because they add to the cost savings by reducing hardware investments and allowing most of the collaboration hardware to be managed at the vendor's data center.

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