Small team collaboration best test of unified communications

    Unified communications solutions provide a variety of benefits for businesses like improved video, voice and other collaboration tools. However, many companies struggle to adequately assess the advantages these service can offer. According to Unified Communications Strategies contributor Jason Andersson, the best way to see these benefits is to analyze how UC helps small teams work together, specifically dyads - two-person groups.

    Research shows that two-person groups are much more innovative and productive than single professionals and large groups, and as such, encouraging this type of collaboration can be a major improvement to a business. However, most offices are designed with single-person workspaces and meeting rooms for large groups, which are not conductive to a small team according to Andersson. UC can help solve this issue with real-time collaboration tools like video conferencing and VoIP PBX.


    UC assists with collaboration for two-person teams working on a project while supporting the data sharing and information recording, according to Andersson. In addition to this, the digital workspace can also encourage colleagues who might not have otherwise had a chance to collaborate, opening the opportunity for new ideas and a more productive work environment overall.