SMB BYOD adoption can be aided by unified communications

    The growth of bring your own device among small and medium-sized businesses has continued gaining steam, and this adoption is also driving the need for effective unified communications solutions to support the trend.

    A recent survey of nearly 1,500 SMBs from 100 countries conducted by IT networking firm Spiceworks revealed that more companies are gravitating toward BYOD. Of those organizations polled, 75 percent currently support the use of employee devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android-powered smartphones.

    Spiceworks said that 60 percent of SMBs support the iPhone, while 55 percent and 41 percent have an infrastructure in place for Android smartphones and the iPad.

    "Data from this recent survey confirms that the consumerization of IT is flourishing among SMBs, although opinions vary on how to manage its impact on organizations," said Spiceworks co-founder and marketing vice president Jay Hallberg.

    While some experts suggest that small businesses stay away from supporting employee devices because they may not be compatible with their networks, leading to a dip in productivity. TeleCom Reseller's David Byrd has a different take on the matter. According to the writer, a unified communications platform addresses this potential problem and ensures workers remain efficient.