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    I have a ton of friends that have spent the last week stranded in Europe by Eyjafjallajokull. Most of them work at younger companies and are used to flexible business  systems; cloud CRM, SaaS apps, hosted VOIP, that may be used from anywhere. It's often the larger companies which are  behind, locked into custom-built legacy systems, and out-dated phones. Those employees have lost much more of their productivity when they became stranded by volcanic ash and had to work anywhere but the "office."

    SMEs using new technologies are less affected by flight chaos

    According to the UK's leading cloud computing and unified communications company, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that use newer technologies are being less affected by UK flight cancellations.

    Volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajokull, is continuing to ground flights in the UK and Europe.

    However, SMEs that use newer technologies, such as integrated communications solutions, which include instant messaging, presence information and voice and video conferencing, are not facing as much disruption, according to Outsourcery.

    Mark Seemann, product strategy and development director at the firm, said: "This technology has proved vital for many SMEs as travel becomes increasingly difficult through a number of natural and weather related events."

    It is "amazing" that more businesses do not "embrace" newer technologies to reduce the impact of flight cancellations on their organisation, said Alistair McKinnon, senior product manager for IP Multimedia, Virgin Media Business.

    He said that new technologies can help businesses function even when problems occur because they can conduct a face to face meeting via video call if needs be.

    Posted by Richard Smart

    via SMEs using new technologies are 'less affected' by flight chaos - Make It Cheaper.

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