Social media becoming more important for call center

    More call centers are recognizing the need to adopt social media as part of their customer service system. According to a recent survey by a leading customer relationship management software company, about 60 percent of businesses in the United States and United Kingdom have integrated Twitter or Facebook with CRM tools, and 85 percent of those companies have adopted both services.

    According to the report, social media adoption is largely affected by the size of the contact center. Approximately 40 percent of firms with 1,000 or more agents have had a social media support initiative in operation for over two years, compared to 53 percent of smaller centers, which stated their current programs were deployed within that two year period. However, overall, 56 percent of businesses stated that they implemented social media support because of customer request.


    "The most successful customer service program will happen for businesses who incorporate social into their overall customer engagement practices, and really keep pace with the way their customers are communicating with them in all areas," Mitch Lieberman, an industry expert, said, emphasizing the focus on consumer satisfaction.


    By staying up-to-date with customer needs and current telecommunication trends, a business will not only encourage improved service, but keep profits high by increasing caller satisfaction.



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