Social media expected to impact future contact centers

    The modern contact center is expected to undergo several changes in the near future as more companies adopt social media as part of their operations. A recent 1to1 Media report by Rodney Kuhn highlighted this development and how it will ultimately impact contact centers moving forward.

    The writer explained that contact center agents are considered one of the most important sets of workers because they directly influence company revenue, customer retention levels and overall brand loyalty.


    "With social media changing the landscape (and volume) of customer service, and big data promising to change how we market to customers, it's imperative that brand-conscious organizations unify the core functions of workforce optimization within their call centers, so that agents can deliver customer service as a competitive advantage," Kuhn wrote.


    In addition to social media websites, consumers are using a number of other platforms to connect with company contact centers. A data analytics firm polled approximately 2,000 customers around the world and found that 86 percent of respondents communicate with businesses through at least six different channels, with the internet being the No. 1 option. However, social networking and mobile are both becoming more popular.



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