Social media introduces new contact center method

    The nature of customer service is changing. Customer service contact centers are turning to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to communicate with consumers that have inquiries about company services and products.

    Customer interaction improvements


    Software company MaxHire recently announced they had grown a certain amount after utilizing this innovative approach to their customer relationship management. Through a LinkedIn discussion group, consumers were able to interact with the company, express grievances and offer suggestions.


    MaxHire is part of a movement of companies that want to better understand their customers by using social media. Every day, MaxHire president Peter Blitz spends at least an hour on LinkedIn and personally responds to suggestions or questions, which is rare for any CEO. This action registers with customers, which solidifies the relationship.


    "Our LinkedIn discussion group, as well as the blog, have allowed me to directly collaborate with our customers and gain valuable insights," said Blitz in a press release. "The communication is now timely, relevant and tailored for each customer."


    Social media suggestions


    A small business that is interested in transitioning its contact center onto social media outlets should understand the techniques that could guarantee success. CMSWire's Marisa Peacock suggested that employees respond to questions right away. Customers see social media as a 24-hour service, so employees should make themselves available whenever someone has an inquiry. Making quick responses a habit could gain customers' trust and give credibility to the company.


    Peacock also suggested that employees carefully choose their words in their responses. According to a Maritz Research survey, receiving a response can change a customer's opinion of the brand. In the survey, 58 percent of respondents "had a higher opinion of the company than before as a result of them responding." A response also enhances a customer relationship. About 51 percent of respondents wouldn't mind if a company contacted them about other services if the organization responded to their question, according to the survey.


    Agents that are responding to the requests could also benefit from this new contact system. Peacock suggests that employees who believe their advice is helping a customer will perform better. When an employee performs well, the customer is happy.


    Maintaining relationships with consumers, either through call centers or social media, is an important area of business that all organizations should devote time and money to optimizing unified communications.



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