Social media revolutionizing, not redefining, unified communications

    Many industry experts anticipate that the rising popularity of social media will combine with its ability to host various collaboration applications to make it a replacement for current unified communications systems. However, UC solutions offer depth and performance that social media cannot hope to match. As a result, social media will probably end up helping to revolutionize social media, bringing the technology to another level of potential. It will not, however, be able to completely redefine UC solutions, No Jitter reported.

    Citing a blog post from industry expert Blair Pleasant, the news source explained that UC solutions are able to offer a combination of presences, instant messaging, point-to-point communications, multi-point collaboration, real-time voice and a diverse range of conferencing capabilities. The problem is that countless organizations have struggled to implement this broad range of solutions into a cohesive, powerful system for enterprise communication. Social media has the potential to overcome this problem by creating a more accessible channel for some UC functions, making the technology more effective in actual operations.

    Essentially, the ability to use unified communications to create a truly collaborative environment goes beyond the technology, the report said. Instead of simply giving workers the option of using a variety of communications tools, organizations need to work to change the culture in the work place so that employees will be more willing to properly evaluate how they and their colleagues communicate the best and use that knowledge to make the most of a UC solution. This is where the social enterprise comes into play, as integrating UC with elements of enterprise social strategy can help create the culturalchange necessary to support the technology.

    This trend is not only active in unified communications. The report explained the move to make operations more social in nature to create a collaborative and flexible culture is spreading over almost every aspect of the enterprise, making the trend a key consideration for any telephony or other technological investment.

    While social may help UC solutions become more accessible, video may be the future of enterprise collaboration. Many experts agree that videoconferencing systems are becoming more widely available as cloud computing, networking advances and other similar solutions are putting more video portals on business phones, desktop PCs and mobile devices.

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