Social Media Use at Work on the Rise

    Do you ever find yourself inadvertently drifting to Facebook while at the office? You're not alone. New statistics published by Trend Micro indicate that in the last two years, social media use in the workplace has increased globally by five percent - from 19 to 24 percent of employees reporting use of social media while at work.

    However, the study does not distinguish between personal and work-related social networking. In this day and age, businesses are starting to recognize the great enterprise potential of social media, and are devoting considerable amounts of time to creating a social presence on the web. The increase in social networking at the workplace may well be explained by such efforts. Admittedly though, much of that 24 percent usage rate is probably due to employees succumbing to a degree of social media distraction and slacking off at work.

    But remember, as Mashable's post points out, "once upon a time, general Internet use at work was considered frivolous; now, most of us use at least some websites to do our work every day." Perhaps, in the future, social media usage will become a fully accepted part of out work lives.

    Social Media Use in the Workplace on the Rise

    A new study from Trend Micro shows that more workers around the globe are using social networks while in the office and on the clock.

    The survey took a look at the habits of 1,600 Internet users from the U.S., UK, Germany and Japan and found that over the past two years alone, social web use in the workplace has risen from 19% to 24%. In Germany specifically, social media use at work saw a 10% increase.

    It’s still unclear whether this gradual but significant rise is being used to drive our businesses ahead, or if we’re instead wasting our companies’ time and money — a distinction that’s especially important to managers concerned with network security and productivity issues.

    via Social Media Use in the Workplace on the Rise [STATS]. Posted by Jolie O'Dell.

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