Social Reviews Take the Guess Work out of Vendor Selection

    One of the things we love about the social nature of the Internet is the ability to find reviews from real customers on anything from hotel rooms to home improvement contractors.  There's no need to wonder if a new restaurant has great service, Yelp will give you a clue.   Sure, once in a while, a bad review comes from a customer who was just in a bad mood or experienced an unusual problem, but if you look at the overall tone of many reviews, you can get a fairly accurate idea of how a company's products and services stack up.

    The business phone solution industry is no different.  One of the best sites to browse reviews of cloud-based phone vendors is VoIP Review.Org.   We want to thank all of our customers who have taken the time to share their M5 Experience.

    Here are just a few of the comments we received last week:

    'M5's quality and support are simply outstanding.  Their features and quick turn up times is what has made us keep coming back to them. I have already recommended them to others looking for a quality service." - gneilson

    "We've been with M5 since 2007 and I consider this among he best choices I've made in my career.  M5 is a partner not a vendor. The difference is huge." - louismmoran

    "We moved to M5 over 5 years ago, from a propritary PBX environment. That proved to have a high CapEx budgeting for ever expanding requirement, and high administration overhead. The M5 managed VoIP eliminates most of all the CapEx and voice communications continuing operations is very smooth. It takes up less than 5% of our monthly time allocated. All issues and requests followed up by their staff until resolution. And with new features such as soft phone apps for mobile communications, for laptops/netbooks/etc. for off site communications, and user controlled follow me commands." - screpea

    We invite you to take a look and see what our customers are saying about M5 in their own words.

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