Sophisticated Campaign Management for the MiVoice Office 250 Platform

    A key market trend driving the adoption of outbound campaigns is the need for businesses to differentiate themselves through customer service. In the interest of customer closeness and retention, businesses use proactive outreach programs to keep customers informed on activities related to their products and services.

    To help businesses address this part of the customer experience, we are pleased to announce the release of MiContact Center Campaign Manager as a newly updated software-based outbound progressive dialing solution. It is designed to improve the productivity of outbound teams working in areas like proactive customer outreach, outbound telesales and debt collection.

    Return on investment for MiContact Center Campaign Manager implementation is typically measured in months, since users quickly become more productive. By centrally managing campaigns, closely controlling contact strategy and having access to real-time and historical reports, you can optimize every customer lead.

    If you’re a MiVoice Office 250 customer, you should explore the possibilities MiContact Center Campaign Manager offers to see how you can benefit in these areas:

    • Improved agent productivity—maximize productivity with improved wait time, progressive dialing and call priorities
    • Higher return on investment—reduce implementation costs and collect revenue faster by engaging with more receptive customers
    • Comply with regulations—Minimize the risk of regulatory fines with available live agents and do-not-call lists

    For more information on sophisticated campaign management features for the MiVoice 250 platform, visit our
    MiContact Center Campaign Manager page.