Special Offer: Free ShoreTel Phones for Orders of 25+ Lines

    Business owners always have a million things to worry about to get their business going. From buying an IP phone system, getting office space, implementing applications like salesforce.com, and determining the budget for everything…the list seems endless. And not everyone has the staff to manage all of the applications.

    At ShoreTel, we make selecting your business phones easy and cost effective because we’ll give you the phones for free! We’ve made it brilliantly simple to use ShoreTel Sky, our award winning cloud-based IP phone system that enables you to easily provide communications applications to employees.  ShoreTel Sky delivers the best user experience with an end-to-end solution, including ShoreTel-designed IP 400 desk phones, ShoreTel-developed business applications running in our data centers, and our world-class service and support. Best of all, ShoreTel Sky integrates seamlessly with popular CRM applications like salesforce.

    Whether you use your free ShoreTel IP 400 phones in your office, or choose our ShoreTel Sky Mobility software on your own mobile device, we provide a unified communications system that keeps your employees connected anywhere. Now with the tax season behind us, ShoreTel just took one thing away that you won’t have to depreciate. Act fast – the free phone program ends on June 30, 2014. For more information, visit here.

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