Streamline Front Desk Work with an Advanced Business Phone System

    Regardless of the vertical or industry, the front desk staff is pivotal to business success. Whether it’s a receptionist, administrative assistant or front desk clerk, this individual is the first person customers come in contact with, serve as the foundation of all communication, and hold your business’ reputability in the palm of their hands.

    That’s why it’s so important for businesses to ensure that their front desk staff is equipped with an advanced business phone system that can help promote effective communication, customer satisfaction and revenue generation. Other critical benefits include:

    Simplified Administrative Tasks

    Front desk staff members are heavily relied upon to support not only communications, but executive, project and organizational management, and are entrusted with many administrative duties. With advanced capabilities like unified messaging and real-time instant messaging, an advanced business phone system can help simplify these tasks while enabling them to be completed more efficiently.

    Enhanced Remote Operations

    Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly employing remote receptionists as opposed to full-time, in-house front desk staff. Fortunately, business phone technology has evolved over time to easily support this trend. In fact, an advanced system can now allow virtual receptionists to monitor office lobby areas while working remotely.  

    Improved Customer Engagement

    The front desk job is definitely a service-oriented role. An advanced business phone system enables your staff to better engage and satisfy your customers. The technology delivers better control by allowing calls to be redirected based on time, day or even caller ID. And a feature-rich business phone system including Find Me/Follow Me—a call forwarding addition—enables all calls to be forwarded to virtually any location so that they are never missed. For front desk workers or other customer-facing staff in high demand, this kind of functionality is a must.

    Keep your front desk staff supported so that they can support your business. Click here to learn more.

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