Study: Majority of Consumers Use Social Networks for Buying Advice

    In the pre-internet era (yes, a very long time ago indeed), consumers often sought the advice of others before making a purchasing decision ("Hello Eli, any opinions on that seed drill you've just acquired?"). And nowadays, this practice hasn't changed much. We still use this concept of social proof to make our buying choices, but social media is becoming an ever more popular source for such advice.

    Research firm Gartner has released a new study which finds that 74% of the buying population uses social networks to help make purchasing decisions. Furthermore, the study says that this online buying advice comes from mainly from those classified as key influencers, which make up just twenty percent of the overall consumer population. For marketers, this means that swaying these key influencers is critical, as their opinions will shape the sentiment of the majority of the buying population.

    Majority of Consumers Use Social Networks to Inform Buying Decisions, Says Study

    Marketers take note: a new study from research firm Gartner has discovered that a majority of today's consumers rely to some extent on social networks to help guide them in purchase decisions. Despite this fact, social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.), though critical, are currently an underutilized aspect to the marketing process, the report says.

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