Success Magazine: Retain Top Performers in a Tough Economy

    In tough economic times it can be difficult to find ways to keep valued team members—not to mention inspire them—when there is little extra cash to use as a motivator. Fortunately, money is much less important to employees than many managers believe, says Mary Hladio, a human resource consultant based in Cincinnati. “All the research shows that the reason people leave a job has nothing to do with money,” she says. “It has to do with the opportunities they get, the culture of their workplace or the manager. There is a reason why firefighters are firefighters and teachers are teachers—they do it for a bigger cause.”

    The most important thing a company can do is create a place where people want to work, experts say. Such an environment is a place with a purpose bigger than any individual and where people’s ideas, feelings and personal lives are respected.

    Heather Bennett from M5, "We aim to inspire all of our workers every day and keep their desire to learn strong. In the technology industry, we need our employees to be able to learn something new this week and next week be really good at something else."

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