Survey finds small and medium businesses increasing cloud application implementation

    A recent Techaisle survey performed in conjunction with a leading computer vendor found that cloud application deployment among small and medium sized businesses is expected to increase over 200 percent in 2012. Cloud-based applications for business, such as contact center solutions and hosted VoIP provide a number of benefits cited by survey respondents, such as flexibility, increased productivity, overall low costs, faster deployment than physical systems and simplified access.

    According to the survey, most businesses that use cloud applications plan to add an average of three this year, with customer relationship management tools seeing the highest adoption rate, at 55 percent. Cloud-based CRM provides useful options such as improved call analysis, call recording and efficient interactive voice response solutions.

    Many of the businesses that responded stated that the main draws to cloud-based applications like hosted PBX are the flexibility of the systems to adapt and the integration of numerous tools. Approximately 74 percent said that they were also able to use in-house IT professionals rather than outsourcing.

    One of the last benefits mentioned in the survey was the increase of efficiency and productivity. The majority of small and medium businesses that have deployed cloud solutions reported seeing a 38 percent increase in efficiency and a 39 percent productivity improvement, both due to the reduction of manual processes and automation of basic tasks.

    In addition to the benefits businesses receive from implementing cloud-based services, research by IDC in conjunction with Microsoft found that cloud computing and communications will create about 14 million new jobs by 2015, with revenue increases from cloud innovation reaching $1.1 trillion.

    Shifting to cloud-based system, including both data and PBX phone systems, creates the need for more specialists to create new products and run those products in a business. Research analysts at IDC believe that these jobs will be created equally between small and large businesses, as the small and medium size ranges show faster adoption rates. Communications, banking and discrete manufacturing industries expect to have the largest job growth.

    Ultimately, cloud adoption will lead to improvements in the global economy, according to the report, through job creation as well as the benefits, lower costs and increased revenue that businesses will see by deploying hosted solutions.

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