Taking another look at the benefits of cloud communications

    As more companies deploy unified communications and VoIP solutions, the need to reexamine the benefits that these systems arises. Switching from a legacy PBX system to a hosted phone system can save a business a large percentage of its IT budget, and improve other operations as well.

    According to CMV Live, there are eight primary benefits to adopting a hosted VoIP solution. A few of these features contribute directly to increased productivity and efficiency. With a cloud-based system, employees can access voice and data more easily from any device with an internet connection. Professionals working from home can still access the same tools they do from the office, and one worker can access data on his or her tablet when at a meeting, rather than lugging a laptop around the office.


    VoIP also provides numerous features that were previously only available with high cost legacy business phone systems, such as call recording, call forwarding, video conferencing and more. One of these features, call routing, is listed separately by the news source, as it is not available outside of a cloud-based system. The ability to reroute a call to different devices, such as a smartphone or different workstation, not only gives employees flexibility and improved collaboration benefits, but allows them to not be tethered to a desk in the office as well.


    Adaptability is another benefit associated with hosted PBX solutions. These systems are more customizable to the specific needs of a business, and rather than shopping around for a phone system that meets all the needs of a business, but may cost significantly more than the company is ready to pay, cloud VoIP allows a business to purchase the best solution for a fixed price and change what is needed. This allows for even more cost effective deployment, according to the news source.


    Contact centers can also benefit from one primary feature of VoIP systems but integrating them with customer relationship management tools. According to the report, VoIP can increase the marketing efficiency of CRM systems and help improve first call response by collecting customer data automatically at every call, rather than require the center agent to spend time asking the customer a variety of questions unrelated to his or her actual needs.



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