This week several of us from the ShoreTel team went to Minneapolis to meet with our customers and partners in the Midwest. The first event was hosted by our partner Transcend United and was focused on their customers who are also ShoreTel customers or potential customers.

Our second event was a meeting of the majority of our ShoreTel partners throughout the Midwest and was focused on giving them updates and information about the portfolio ShoreTel brings to market. Both events were fantastic and all told there were well over 100 attendees across the two days.

It goes without saying that most of the conversations I had with customers, prospects and partners centered around our Contact Center solutions. The feedback and questions was great to hear and the constructive criticism was appreciated. What struck me however was the enthusiasm for all things ShoreTel. All of the sessions were packed and we covered a whole range of topics:

As I spoke to attendees and then spoke to the ShoreTel team in attendance, the overwhelming feeling was that we have a lot of momentum. We have customers who are enthusiastic and love our product – both for our simplicity and functionality.

Our partners were excited to see what we have coming up in our roadmap and around all of the things we have available for them today. We had a lot of questions around our new ShoreTel Cloud Division, powered by M5, both from a product perspective and a go-to-market perspective.

The enthusiasm for Mobility continues to grow at an amazing rate. Vasili Triant, our Vice President of Advanced Applications (which includes Mobility), gave great presentations on our mobility solutions and the questions were fast and furious – in a good way. Our customers and partners are excited about what this solution can bring to them and of course our partners are eager to make this a part of their portfolio to offer their customers.

Personally, I came to the same conclusion I did after Enterprise Connect a few weeks ago:

Man, we are doing a lot of things right.

The evidence is the amount of enthusiasm I saw this week, just like Enterprise Connect. Our customers, prospects and partners were asking great questions about how our solutions work, how they can add on to their existing solutions, how they can enhance their businesses and their own customer satisfaction with our solutions. It wasn’t questions of if ShoreTel could meet their needs. It was a question of how all of the ShoreTel solutions could meet their needs.

A big thank you to Transcend United for putting their customer event together and inviting the ShoreTel team. An additional thank you to Mike Kruse and John Perizo on the ShoreTel team in the Midwest for making the partner event happen.

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