TAPI is Dead

    As a provider of hosted IP telephony services for businesses, M5 is finding more and more of our customers want CTI integration into their CRM applications.  Every day at least one prospect or exciting M5 customer looks to me for a way to connect their CRM with our phone system.

    Skype does have a viable solution for outbound calling, but businesses don't and won't run over Skype.  So, until now, TAPI was the only way to go. Yesterday I spoke with three clients, all of whom have had failed or poor results integrating TAPI with their SaaS and premise-based applications.

    The general consensus is that TAPI just doesn't work.

    That's why we have built M5 Hosted Connect, a web API that allows applications to connect with the phone system without TAPI.

    In the field, we continue to see the greatest adoption of M5 Hosted Connect with firms who have custom CRM and OSS systems.  These clients want the same productivity and efficiency benefits -- inbound screen pops and click to
    dial -- that clients that use SaaS applications like salesforce.com have today.  Until now, these clients could never have implemented a TAPI solution with great success.

    Last week, I received confirmation from Michael Feldman, president at Data-rite Systems, that the integration he did for a mutual customer in the financial services vertical was a success.  Our client could have never integrated our phones with their systems in such a short period of time using TAPI.

    TAPI never achieved the breakthroughs it promised, M5 Hosted Connect will.

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