Team Building and Community Building with Citymeals

    When the Network Operations Center (NOC) group within the ShoreTel Cloud Division got together recently for training and team building, bowling, golf and gaming wasn’t part of the weekend agenda. Instead, the group wanted to do something together that would make a difference in the Manhattan community. It chose to volunteer for Citymeals, one of the largest meals-on-wheels programs in the U.S. Citymeals provides 1.8 million meals to more than 16,500 elderly New Yorkers each year.

    After a full day of training on how to better serve its ShoreTel customers, the NOC group woke up early to begin serving the community. They met at a senior citizen center where a Citymeals coordinator split them into groups of four, gave each group their routes and 10 meals to deliver, and a little instruction. For the next three hours, the four groups pounded the pavement throughout low-income areas of Manhattan to deliver meals to the home-bound.

    The NOC team enjoyed meeting the Citymeals recipients and giving back as a team. The experience was so positive, they will plan similar volunteer days to coincide with future training events. Whether another day with Citymeals or a 5k walk for a specific charity, the NOC team sees team building as a perfect opportunity to “do good” in the community and feel good doing it.

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